Ok my fellow makeup lovers! ChrissyTina here with a review on e.l.f cosmetics.

If your looking for help on finding cheap, good quality Makeup hopefully this will help.

Ok to jump right in, the E.L.F Geometric Beauty Box consist of the following: 1 lengthening and defining mascara, 1 black eyeliner pencil, 1 black liquid liner, 1 6color eyeshadow compact, 1 eyeshadow brush, 1 primer, and 1 lip color..

First things first, the lengthening and defining mascara.  I didn’t have much expectations when I used the mascara, honestly I was just going to use it as a base for my other mascaras, but I was blown away. The mascara not only does a great job at defining your lashes but it adds great length and even some separation.. If anyone knows anything about mascara they know its hard to find a mascara good at just one of those things!  5Stars..

Next, we have the elf eyeliner pencil. Didn’t really like the pencil, I think a regular drug store pencil is better. It doesn’t glide the color on and its just too short but to each his own… 1 star.

After the eyeliner, we have the elf liquid liner. Wonderful liner I must say. It comes in a regular tube with a soft brush. The liner glides on smooth without gaps. Love it! 5 stars.

Then we come to the palette. It has 2 lid colors, 3 crease colors, and 1 brow color. Pretty good pigmentation, you may have to layer a couple times. What i do like about the shadows is that the minerals are very fine which makes it great and easy to blend. 4 stars.

Moving on, we have the elf eyeshadow brush…THIS IS AN EYESHADOW BRUSH not a blending brush.. with that being said, you can use it for a little blending on the lids but it’s always better to use a different brush to blend with. Anywho, the brush is synthetic and sheds but it does a great job and picking up and applying the shades.. not a terrible brush.. 3.5 stars.

Now we have the elf eyelid primer. It comes in a tube similar to a mini lip gloss tube but, clearly reads primer. I love the primer. I a little will definitely go a long way! It’s kind of watery but set to a matte. Once it sets you dont have tk worry about it creasing, it’s a wonderful primer. (Which is great since I’ve been looking for a new primer anyways) 5 stars definitely!

And lastly, the elf lip color. The lip color is in the same kind of tube as the primer. I like this product even though it isn’t really a lip color it’s more of a light tinted lip gloss. A good product just not a real lip color. 4 stars..

The box itself is neat. It has a cool design on the outside and opens from the middle. The left door has a guide to applying a day wear look and the right door a night wear look. The instructions are simple and easy. All in all a wonderful purchase. All you need is foundation and blush and your ready to go!

Soooooo THANK YOU! For checking out my blog! I hope you or someone you know will find it helpful! If is anything you want to know and would like me to do a blog or vlog on. Comment below. You have a question?  Comment below. A tip? Leave a comment. Anything you wanna say go ahead and say I always keep a listening ear..

So again, thanks for checking me out and hopefully you follow for more tips, tricks, lessons, etc. I love to share! So bye for now and happy goodwill makeup hunting!!! 

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Hey everyone,  ChrissyTina is back again with more beauty advice.

If you can see the photo I added to this blog, you can see the lovely and beautiful model abby. I had the pleasure of working with her for a photo shoot for IMUTE magazine.

Soo I know what you’re thinking? I don’t care about you life, what does she have to do with anything? I’ll get to that right now!!

This post is about skin care, clean skin and moistened skin. So many times when I perform a makeup application on a models face their skin is very dry and weighed down with dead skin.. I used Abby as an example of healthy skin..

Today the are a plethora of beauty products that you can use such as: primer, setting sprays,  creams, and oils.. All of which, you can use to keep your skin for being dried out by your makeup and to smooth the skin for a flawless makeup application. In my eyes, the best way to achieve a flawless makeover is to help yourself to clean moisturized skin. As a makeup artist I cannot stress enough thw importance of exfoliating and moisturizing your skin.

When you exfoliate your skin, you are removing the dirt, excess oils, products, and dead skin from your face. Just like when you shower and scrub your body, you should exfoliate (scrub) your skin. Removing these impurities from your skin reveals the soft, glowing, baby-like skin hidden underneath.

This leaves your skin smooth feeling by allowing your pores a chance to reduce in size. When you apply your foundation you’ll notice a cleaner, smoother, more fresh, and natural look. Which is ALWAYS a good thing. Who doesn’t want the look of flawless skin? But don’t think I forgot about moisturizing now…. cause I haven’t!

I beseech you.. In the name of all that is moisture. moisturize YOUR FACE! ! Your face is apart of your body and needs to be moisturized just like everywhere else! A lot of people tend to neglect the face but, your face actually needs the most attention. Your face is the single most exposed part of the human body. Hot or cold. So you have to keep it healthy, especially if you wear makeup every day.

One of the biggest myths about makeup is that it ages your face. In actuality,  UVA rays, UVB rays, in conjunction with a lack of proper skin care is what ages the face. That doesn’t mean makeup can’t contribute to aged skin. If you’re not properly removing makeup is will clog pores… “Week old makeup in my skin… EWWW!” Lol but it’s true!

Applying a skin cream to your face daily actually helps keep keep dirt from entering your skin, by filling in your pores with nutritional face candy! Your skin will thank you in the long run! You’ll also notice after regular maintenance your skin will look younger, vibrant,  fresh, and baby soft.. even without makeup! What’s better then that? 

Learn to treat your skin and it will always return the favor!

P.s. using masks, sloughs, and other facail skin care products will not only have your skin singing like angels from heaven but, it will speed up the time it takes to get there!! YAAAAAY!!

That’s all I have for you today. Hopefully, it was helpful. If you’re concerned about what type of skin care products to use leave a comment below! If you’d like a blog about the type of products I use, leave a comment below. If you want me to make a video about skin care products or a link to a couple product reviews, leave a comment below! Now I bid you Farwell,  until we meet again!

This has been approved by ChrissyTina, happy goodwill makeup hunting!!!

Xoxo, ChrissyTina.

Are you using the right concealer?

Are you using the right concealer? How do you know what concealer is right? Well, that all depends on your skin. So, here a few tips to help guide you in the right direction. I dont normally recommend certain brands (unless required) since different things work for different people, I’m just helping you find out what your pick should be able to do for you.

Tip #1: Redness (Caucasian skin)
If you’re skin has alot of redness due to acne or rosacea, you want to keep a green colored concealer on hand. On the color wheel (my cosmetologists know what im talking about) green is opposite of red. In  cosmetology school they are called complimentary colors. The name is actually quite contradictory because complimentary colors cancel each other out. So green concealer will cancel redness in the skin. This is good because you wont have to use a super thick concealer to hid it if you dont like heavy makeup.

Tip#2: Discoloration/Darkspots (Ebony skin)
Fortunately for women of color, concealing our skin problems, most times, are easier to hide.  If you have dark spots or discoloration in your skin a light to medium consistency in concealer normally does the trick. (Especially since we are without a doubt going to use foundation which comes with it’s own coverage)

I hear girls talk about hiding their acne with makeup all the time.. Im sorry to burst you bubble bbbbbuuuuutttttt…. MAKEUP DOES NOT HIDE ACNE I REPEAT MAKEUP DOES NOT HIDE ACNE!! Makeup can only hide the redness or darkness of the pimp, not the pimp itself.  Makeup can camouflage acne in the skin. In order for makeup to hide Acne the skin you would have to apply layer upon layer of makeup to even out the raised skin. At this point you would look like a birthday cake. But don’t get me wrong, conceal is still great to get them annoying pimple in stealth mode.

Tip#4:Brow shaping
When you’re shaping your eye brows, you don’t want to use a thick concealer.  What we are trying to achieve is the natural lightened look under our brow that you get after a fresh wax. So for your brows you want to use a light coverage concealer 1-2 shades lighter then your skin. This gives you a nice natural looking eyebrow.  Even if you don’t fill in your brows, concealing them will add definition and a nice shape of your choosing.

Tip#5:Tats and  scars
To cover tattoos and or scars  you want to use the thickest concealer possible. This is more like your stage makeup.  regular makeup sometimes may not hide a tattoo but a medium to thick concealer, in conjunction with foundation will cover any facial scarring. For tattoos on the other hand, you will need something called cake makeup. Which is, as stated before, really thick makeup.  after applying concealer to the tattoo blend out and set with translucent powder. This way you will have to conceal your entire body to match the hidden tattoo. Lol.

Tip#6: Looking alive/ brightening the face
A little light concealer 1-2 shades lighter then your skin. Apply concealer under eyes, a little in the inner corner of eyes. This will make you appear awake and vibrant,  even if you don’t feel like it.

Tip#7: Hair
Thicke concealer can also cover unwanted facial hair if you can’t rid your face of it right then and there.

Ok so, these were all I could think of off the top of my noggin.  I hope this was helpful to you and happy good makeup hunting. Thanks for letting Chrissytina help you makeup your day!

Xoxo, ChrissyTina

P.s. feel free to add any other tips or even improved ways of concealing. This trade is all about learning, and I never oppose the change!! Ok, bye love!

My First Editorial Shoot


This is literally a Photo from my first ever editorial photo shoot..  I thought I knew how to do photo shoot makeup but, boy was I wrong. I was used to doing  makeup for African American women especially since that’s what I am. Caucasian makeup is almost completely opposite for editorials. I had done a couple before for regular shoots but, I never learned much about how their makeup was to be done. Though my makeup looks nothing like this anymore (thank God!) it just shows you, no one starts out beating faces to the ends of the earth and back. i.e. to the GODS

(I wont get into to much detail s far as what products or how to apply the makeup. I’ll Post Videos for that in the near future)

Caucasian makeup (for natural face eds unless told otherwise) is usually light. Thin layers to look fresh, soft, flirty, lightly contoured with blush (usually) and…… in the words of my frav photographer……. cheeky! lol

You want a nice light-medium coverage foundation. Foundations like FITME by Maybelline are great for that light but effective coverage. Use a damp beauty sponge or stippling brush to apply/blend foundation. I personally prefer the brush, the finish is amazing!!!   A nice thick concealer for covering dark spots and or blemishes. Under eye concealer should always be at most 3 shades lighter to be safe. Don’t forget to apply a little makeup into the hairline and on the ears THE CAMERA SEES EVERYTHING YOU DON’T! Blend blend blend blend blend that foundation to a soft dewy or matte finish. It should look almost airbrushed. Once you’ve finished the foundation, if you feel there are a couple spot you need a little more concealer on don’t be afraid to conceal, again the camera sees everything. almost be mindful of blending in the concealer the camera will see that too. When all that’s done, apply a translucent powder to set your foundation.

Now, unless stated otherwise, you wont need to contour with any dark shades or bronzers. on camera, blush becomes your contour.  Still, you MUST NOT be heavy handed when applying blush. start light and build to desired depth of color. Blush is applied to balls of cheeks. If  you’re not sure where that is ask your model to smile and  there it is! apply to the cheeks towards the ear and in temple area. If you want you can apply a really light pink blush to entire face LIGHTLY for a softer cheeky look.

After we’ve finished the face, we move to the eyes. More often then not, your gonna be asked to do a natural or close to natural eye. So the easiest thing to do is, apply foundation to eyes or use light pinks browns and skin toned shades. Just to knock that part out the way quicker. Now, this may sound a little crazy but hear me out lol. A LOT of times you possibly wont be using eyeliner or even mascara.. A nightmare about to happen right? wrong.. a lot of times eyeliner maybe to bold for the soft look and may harsh the models entire look. Remember, it’s not about the makeup it’s about the whole look. You want what’s best for the look not what you think is best. Another thing, sometimes the models hair, brows, and skin may cause the liner or mascara to look to dark or strong for the look. You’ll know when this is happening…… trust me, you will…………… (._. )

Next, we want to focus on brow.. easy.. Don’t touch unless need be.. a lot of models eye brows are thick and, will probably only need to have gaps filled in if even that. If you have to fill in the whole brow, go for it.

Lastly, lips….. The lips are (unless stated otherwise) usually nude, white, or a bold color. That’s the only options for lips you say? HA! not even close..

These are just a few simple steps to creating a photo ready face in no time at all. Of course, that isn’t all there is to know but, it’ll definitely help. Everyone has their own way of creating their art, I’m just sharing how I do mines. Hope that it helps you on your makeup journey, and happy good will makeup hunting. Now go paint some faces! or yours!! 🙂

xoxo, ChrissyTina

ChrissTina TAKEOVER!

Hello! My fellow makeup junkies, artist, enthusiast, and lovers or makeup. I greet you with much excitement and joy! why? we are going to embark on a journey through makeup! From how to use it to where it all started. Makeup isn’t just what you see on TV, there are layers to this thing! So as I learn I share, and whatever I already know. I am a Professional MUA (makeup artist). I’ve work on several and counting photo shoots, everyday faces, etc. Yet and still, I still don’t know everything. No one does, this field is for those who are always willing to keep learning!  I’m going to provide you with health facts, beauty facts, product recommendations, product reviews, makeup history, current trends, techniques, tutorials, skin care tips, and more! ANYTHING health, beauty, skin, and makeup.. Here and there I may throw in something about hair and nails since I took the courses but, it wont be much of it… I am here for you!

P.S. Feel free to let me know if there is anything you would like me to make a blog or video on. Like I said I’m here for you!

Help me, help you make up your day 😉

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